Hot melt automatic case erector

Automatic case former with side drive belts and manual dimensioning, suitable to seal the lower part of boxes with Hot Melt glue. The machine automatically picks up a box from the box storage and a carriage drags the box which is automatically opened by the box-opener lever. Then the box is pushed by a second carriage into the machine through the side drive belts, while the flap folder devices partially fold the laps.
Box lenght min/max 200mm/560mm
Box width min/max 150mm/350mm
Box height min/max 200mm/450mm
Side drive belts  Yes
Drive belts speed  
Max. Output 500 bph (average)
Adjustment on carton box  by handles
Adjustment of working height  545 – 645 mm
Taping unit ROBATECH Hot Melt generator
Folder device  automatic four-flaps 
Detect box height no
Side safety protections yes
Power supply 380/415V - 50Hz - 3P; 1,11kW
Air supply  5,5/7 bar, 12NL/per cycle