1. How Covid-19 is changing packaging

    Shifting consumer shopping habits during the Covid-19 pandemic drove changes all up and down the supply chain – including in the way goods are packed. Operations managers had to rethink how their packaging works in environments where workers must stay at least six feet apart
  2. TEOL at PackSynergy supervisory board

    At last year’s Shareholder’s Meeting on the 11th November 2020, which for the first time was held as a virtual event, the association elected its Supervisory Board for the next three years.
  3. Facility safety with 3M hazard marking tapes

    Employee safety is critical, and COVID-19 is another aspect of it. When needed to mark off traffic lanes and hazard areas, you can use 3M Floor and Safety Marking Tapes to quickly and easily provide a visual cue that helps everyone remember to stay socially distanced.
  4. Corrosion protection with VCI. How does it work?

    VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. VCI agents are compounds which possess both corrosion-protective properties and vapor pressure. These VCI agents evaporate out of their support material - as shown in the animation - until a protective atmosphere has been created within the packaging.
  5. Packaging for e-shops. The Amazon's APPAS.

    Amazon have announced, from 1st October 2019, that they will start charging its vendors approximately 1.7 euros per unit for items shipped that are not tested and certified under its new packaging program.

  6. TEOL' s Hand Packaging Station increases productivity

    Efficient and durable, our packaging station combines box erecting (semi-automatic or automatic), manual box filling, box closing, box printing or labeling and conveyors into a compact and cost effective workplace.
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