Automatic wrap-around case packer with in-line infeed

The WPS automatic wrap-around case packer has been designed to pack a large variety of products and to meet the highest production standards and quality regulations. Its compact design decreases the need of big spaces to operate, and thanks to its highly technological components, it is possible to obtain high productions in reduced times. The WPS Series can reach productions up to 25 packs/minute.
Power supply 220 - 240 / 380 - 415 V, 3PH + PE / 3PH + N + PE, 50/60 Hz
Installed power 9900 W
Minimum height of product 75 mm
Maximum pack height 350 mm
Average output up to 25 p/min.**
Machine size 5585 x 2415 mm h 2150-2310 mm
Working height 945 - 1105 mm
Machine weight 1970 Kg
Air pressure 6 Bar, 17 Nl/p*