1. Introduction

1.1. These Terms and Conditions of Use (“Terms”) of company The End of the Line d.o.o. Zagreb, Selska cesta 141, OIB: 73871442076 (hereinafter: „Seller“) apply in respect of Your use of (hereinafter “website”) and other related subdomains and determine process of ordering, paying, delivering and returning or reclamation of the goods offered by Seller.

1.2. Terms are published at Seller’s web page Before user account registration every user must read Terms and accept them. Terms are published at visible part of website, so when User is using Seller’s website without account registration, it is considered that User have read Terms and accepts them.

2. Terms

2.1. Seller is Company THE END OF THE LINE d.o.o. whether they sell goods and products from their stock, mediate between buyer and seller or provide product finishing.

2.2. Goods/Product Physical thing that can be traded, including products manufactured by Seller, products from Seller’s stock, and products from third Companies that are being sold by Seller’s Website. When applicable by Product represents service provided through Seller’s website.

2.3. User every natural or legal person accessing Website, regardless creating or not creating user account on Website.

2.4. Buyer is every natural or legal person who conclude purchase contract with Seller on goods and services from Website. By concluding contract User becomes Buyer. When Buyer is natural person who does not perform any registered activity the, and only then, provisions from Croatian Consumer Protection Law are applicable. Buyer is in this case defined as: any natural person tat signs legal contract or acts on market outside from its trade, business, craft or provisional activity.

3. User Account

3.1. Every User can register user account on Our Website. We care about user’s personal data so we do not collect date and year of user’s birth. Therefore, it is always our presumption that user is at least 18 (eighteen) years all and has legal capacity to take rights and obligations. Every user that is under 18 (eighteen) and has no legal capacity is obliged to inform Seller about such fact. Seller cannot be responsible if user under 18 (eighteen) years old or user without legal capacity register account and take any obligations towards Seller.

3.2. The registration process is simple and you can quickly complete it in just a few steps. Choose "Register" and specify your first and last name, company name, email address, and type the password you want. After confirming the "Register" button, you will receive registration data to the specified email address. To confirm registration, you must follow the instructions in the specified email.

3.3. If you are an existing user, you need to sign in to make your purchase by choosing “Sign” in and entering your email address and password.

3.4. Every User is obliged to secure user name and password, and must not share it with any other third party. User is responsible for any damages that Seller could suffer if User would not respect obligations from this article.

3.5. False registration or registration with third person e-mail address is forbidden. Such action shall be reported to state authorities.

4. Product selection

4.1. You can get to the product you want by searching through the main menu, choosing a product category, or using the Quick Search box. When you find the product you want to order, click on its picture to enter the Product page with its detailed overview.

4.2. You insert the desired product in your online cart by choosing option “Add to Cart”. If you want to buy more products, repeat the procedure. When you're done shopping, switch to the “Payment”.

4.3. The stock of the products is updated once in 24 hours. For this reason, you may order a product that is sold out in the meantime. If it does, you will be notified in a timely manner and your money shall be returned. You do not have right to claim any damages you would suffer as a result.

5. Product description

5.1. The Store strives to describe all products as accurately as possible, as well as to use as credible photos of items as possible, however it is unable to guarantee that all of the above product data is 100% accurate, complete, reliable and flawless.

5.2 If the product purchased by the customer deviates from the data provided on the Website, that is, published declaration, the customer can return it in an unused state only after contacting customer support, and as a consequence the Online seller will make a refund.

6. Prices

6.1. Prices on Website are expressed in kuna (HRK). Price is expressed without a value added tax (VAT) included.

6.2. Price are determined per unit of each product. We enter prices from our valid price list on day of purchase contract.

6.3. When product, service or other item is not in our price list, we determine price on demand, and notify Buyer before purchase contract is signed.

6.4. When Buyer buys products in such amount we do not have in our stock, We are allowed to increase price of such Product when ordering Price from our supplier is increased by 5% or more from price we previously had, or when we have to produce such Products and costs of production and materials are increased by 5 % or more since last production of such Product. We will notify our Buyer about rise of price and allow him to terminate contract and return what has been paid for such Products.

6.5. When Seller and Buyer agree to price of a product different from one showed on Website, or when Seller allows discount to Buyer, then such price, discount or other specific terms are considered as business secret. Obligation to keep business secret does not end after end of contract. If Seller suffer any damage caused by breach of this obligation, Buyer is obliged to repair it.

6.6. Prices showed on Website will be increased by cost of delivery. Cost of delivery will be specified on final step of buying at our Website, or through direct e-mail to Buyer. Cost of delivery is calculated by volume, quantity and mass of package.

6.7. Seller enters prices per unit as accurately as possible. If there is, by any chance, obvious error in prices, Seller is able to unilaterally terminate contract with Buyer. In such case Seller will notify Buyer about right to pay rest of real price or right for refund. Seller apologizes about such situations in advance and seeks from all users to understand such posiability. Seller is not responsible for any damage Buyer might suffer from such situation, e.g. Buyer sells such products to third parties before termination of contract.

7. Purchase Contract

7.1. Seller and Users signs purchase contract of products and services at moment when Buyer accepts offer shown on Website. Offer is accepted when User select products or services and insert them in basket; then enter his required personal data and confirm purchase. Purchase contract cannot be revoked after those actions, unless otherwise determined by Terms or applicable Laws.

7.2. Purchase contract between Seller and User is also signed when User accepts offer received through e-mail or surface mail. Such offer is accepted when Buyer returns e-mail or letter of acceptance, or when User pays whole or part of offered price. In this case, User is every person who has received offer and accepted it and this terms will be applicable if Seller informed Seller about them. It is considered that User is informed about Terms if he reached Seller via Website.

7.3. When offer is show/sent to indefinite number of people, Seller reserves right to change such offer according to specific requests from buyer. Seller can withdraw from such offer, even after User has already accepted it, in case: a) from day of placing an offer to day of acceptance of offer, market situation changed significantly and it is no longer profitable to sell products or services in such terms, b) Seller don’t have any more products on stock or cannot provide offered service, c) Seller had to change offer because of market situation or other justified reasons .

7.4. In case of obvious or unintentional error in shown prices, materials and other description of offer, Seller is entitled to withdraw from given offer, even after he received acceptance of offer.

7.5. Seller has right to refuse order at any time without limitations.

8. Payment

8.1. The customer can pay for the ordered products via credit cards or through a bank transfer. In case of goods return, the refund is done by an online seller only via bank account which was specified by a buyer.

8.2. Goods ordered via an online store can be paid by Visa, Mastercard or Maestro credit cards if they are approved for online payments by the issuer's bank.

8.3. Buyer pays through third party organization specialized for online payment, with who Seller has contract. When Buyer selects payment through credit card, he will automatically be transfer to page for payment. . If the transaction has been successfully completed, the customer will be re-routed to the Website with notification that the payment has been successfully made. In the event of an unsuccessful transaction, the customer will receive information about the failed payment and be able to try again or choose another payment method.

8.4. Seller cannot be found liable for any damages that Buyer suffer on website of third party from point 8.3., especially not for damages created by maliciously act of any third person, mistake by third party from point 8.3 or any bank institution involved in transaction, theft of personal data, wrong entry of prices etc.

8.5. For late payment, Seller calculates legal default interest.

8.6. Buyer is not entitled not to pay debt to Seller when there is any disputies between them, such as incomplete or partial delivery, product defects or exercising the rights from guarantee.

9. Delivery

9.1. Buyer is obliged to give us correct and accurate home or office address where Seller shall ship Product. Shipment can be made only on territory of Republic of Croatia.

9.2. Seller can refuse to deliver Product to Buyer’s selected address if there is reasonable inability to deliver to such address or if there is reasonable danger that by delivering Product might damage.

9.3. Delivery is made via authorized delivery company. Finished products stocked at Seller’s stock, Seller will hand over to delivery company at latest in 8 (eight) working days from day of order. Ordered Products that are not on Seller’s stock, Seller will hand over to delivery company at latest in 45 (forty-four) days from day of order. If there are reasonable reasons that Seller is unable to fulfill set deadlines he shall notify Buyer about them and allow Buyer to withdraw from buying contract.

9.4. Seller does not take delivery deadline obligation from day of handing over Product to delivery company. Seller will deliver products only via specialized and checked delivery companies, that can guarantee fast and accurate delivery. In case delivery company is liable for damages on Product or for not delivering Product, Seller will entitle Buyer to see compensation from delivery company.

9.5. If the customer refuses to receive the ordered goods when delivered to the desired address, Seller has the right to terminate contract and claim compensation for postal and personal manipulative expenses.

9.6. When delivery is impossible due to force majeure, pandemic, war or conditions similar to war, or any other extraordinary events, such as labor strike at Seller’s company or strike at Seller’s partner companies, which Seller could not avoid, prevent or eliminate, or when in such situations delivery is not possible in way described in Terms, Seller can withdraw from contract obligations without paying any fees, damages or costs to Buyer. In both cases Seller shall return any payment received by buyer. Any further claims in such cases are excluded.

10. Complaints and return

10.1. The buyer is entitled to a product complaint. When receiving the shipment, the buyer is obliged to check the delivered package in the presence of the courier. If there are visible damages on the delivered package (torn parts and signs of crushing) the buyer is not obliged to take over the package. The Online seller will inform the buyer about the further procedures in shortest period of time.

10.2. If Buyer notice any damage of Product that was not visible on package, he is obliged to inform Seller about it without delay, at least within 3 (three) working days from finding damage.

10.3. Buyer will inform Seller about damages on product via e-mail, surface mail or any other usual way of communication between Seller and Buyer where it is possible to prove sending and delivering.

10.4. Notification from point 10.3. must contain all of following: - precise product label, - precise description of damage, - call to Seller to check damage - date when damage was noticed

10.5. Upon receipt of valid notification Seller will check merits of the complaint. When complaint is well-founded, Seller will allow Buyer to claim for repair of product or replacement with valid product.

10.6. Where Croatian Customer Protection Law is applicable (Buyer is natural person), Buyer has right in period of 14 days after delivery of Product unilateral terminate contract without mentioning reason. In such case Buyer must in period of 14 days from delivery of product send same product back to Seller via surface mail or other whey when approved by Seller. Buyer pays costs of such return. Seller is not obliged to accept package with returning product if cost of delivery is not paid by Buyer and it will be considered as if Buyer had never even returned Product. If Product is returned, Seller will refund Buyer paid amount for Product. Seller will not refund cost of first delivery if such cost was on invoice.

10.7. Seller is obliged only by guaranties given in written, obligations from contract and these Terms. Seller cannot be found responsible for damages on Products made: - in transport, when transport is organized by Buyer, - during unprofessional, unusual or improper actions of Buyer of Product during unpacking, assembling, using or fixing.

10.8. Valid Product Buyer can change for another product in period of 14 days from receiving product. In such case Buyer has to pay all costs of delivery for return and sending of new product. When returning for another Product seller will calculate prices: for firstly bought product on day of buying, and price of new product on day of returning.

10.9. When returning Product Buyer must pack Product with same way as received, secure it from damages and, when necessary, notify delivery company of frangibility of product. If Product is damaged while in Buyer possession or during transport, Seller is not obliged to change it or refund it, but can rather return Product as is to Buyer. Buyer must pay postal cost in such case.

10.10. If the buyer determines that the received Product is different from ordered one, he shall contact Seller. Seller will then provide further information. If Buyer skip to notify Seller that he has received different Product, and where Buyer has received larger amount than ordered amount or where Product received is more expensive than ordered Product, Seller has right to call Buyer to return amount of product or product that was not ordered. If Buyer do not comply with such call Seller may seek compensation according to Croatian rights acquired without bais.

11. Special offers/discounts/rates

11.1 At any moment Seller may offer specific product or group of products at discount. Seller shall with new discounted price show discount rate and previous price.

11.2 Discounted products can be offered to all Users, or can be offered by Seller to specific users. Seller will notify users about terms of special offers and specify all details, specially offer deadline, quantity limit etc.

11.3 Any orders that would be received by Seller after offer deadline, will not be considered, and any orders after deadline will not be accepted, even if discounted price is still at Website.

12 Guaranties and responsibilities

12.1 When written guarantee given to Buyer defer from this Terms, written guarantee will apply in any issues.

12.2 Seller is responsible for lack of conformity of products up to the moment of transfer of risks to the buyer (the moment of handing items over to Buyer or any third person designated by the Buyer, not including the transport service provider), regardless of whether lack of conformity was known to the Buyer or not. The Seller is responsible for lack of conformity that arose after transfer of risk to the buyer if it is a consequence of pre-existing causes. It is assumed that lack of conformity that arose within six months after the transfer of risk to the buyer existed at the time of risk transfer, unless the seller proves otherwise, or the contrary derives from the nature of the item or the nature of the lack of conformity.

12.3 When lack of conformity arises, deadlines and other terms from Article 10 of this Terms apply.

12.4 Lack of conformity for Product within guarantee shall be eliminated by repairing the product or by shipping new valid Product. Buyer decide whether shall he repair or ship valid Product.

12.5 When Buyer get any rights from written guarantee, Product repair or new valid product, Buyer do not get right for price reduction.

12.6 When rights from guaranty are being consummated, guaranty does not extend. Old replaced parts becomes ownership of Seller.

12.7 Guarantee does not cover any usual wear of Product or other parts of Product that should usually be replaced.

12.8 Seller is not responsible for any damages that arise from following reasons: - improper, unprofessional use of product and non-compliance with instruction of use, - improper and unprofessional assembly or starting of the product by Buyer or third unauthorized person, - during transport, if transport is organized by Buyer, - if damage is result of wrong instruction by Buyer or person hired by Buyer, - if any unauthorized person tried to repair or service the product, - other reasons defined in written guaranty.

12.9 If Buyer sell Product to third person or transfer it to third person in it’s ownership or only for sole usage, Seller’s guarantee obligations ends.

13. Protection of third person rights

13.1. Seller is responsible when any third party lays claim on sold Product that exludes, diminishes Buyer rights, when Buyer was not notified about it.

13.2. When third party addresses Buyer about his rights, Buyer is obliged to inform Seller about it in 3 (three) days from day Buyer was notified, unless Seller knew about it. Seller will either settle with third party or deliver Product without third party rights.

14. Intellectual property rights and data protection

14.1. Content available on Website, etc. designed elements, graphics, texts, photographs, audio or video recoding, softer code, patent, copyright, are intellectual property of Seller or third person that allowed Seller to use such right.

14.2. User is not allowed to download any content from this article without strict consent from Seller.

14.3. Content on Website is shown only in informative purposes and User is not allowed to use it in commercial purposes or to distribute it to third parties.

14.4. User himself of through third person is not allowed to register, use or in any other way exploit company of Seller, Seller’s distributors and their trademarks, copyright, name of any product or service, as well as internet domain, URL or any part of it.

14.5. Seller and Buyer shall keep as confidential data derived from their business relations, contract fulfillment.

14.6. Buyer authorizes Seller to collect and process his personal data. Seller shall evaluate personal data, site visit etc., all according to Seller’s Privacy Policy, national Laws governing data protection, EU legislation governing data protection and any other applicable law.

15. Final Provisions

15.1. In case of a dispute which can not be settled by negotiation, the shall be under the jurisdiction of authorised court in Zagreb. Croatian Law applies.

15.2 Any complaint Buyer can send by surface mail to address: Selska 141, 10000 Zagreb, or by e-mail:

15.3. When any provision from this Terms is not in accordance with applicable legislation, such provision shall be replaced with other suitable provision, closes to business purpose contract was signed between parties, with consideration of rights from both parties.

15.4 User accepts that any letter send by surface mail or by e-mail entered during registration process, that returns to him as undelivered shall be considered as delivered letter from day it was send to User.

15.5. Any change of these Terms has to bi done in written and all interesting parties shall be informed about it.

15.6. Terms are applicable from 01.01.2021.