Automated order fulfillment bagging system

Bring automation, speed and flexibility to your mail order fulfillment or ecommerce operation with the Autofulfillment SPrint System, which is ideal for packaging apparel, shoes, automotive parts, pet supplies and more. The SPrint bagging system integrates with existing WMS to provide automated order fulfillment by pulling order paperwork and shipping labels once an LPN or SKU has been scanned. By combining innovative engineering from Automated Packaging Systems with advanced integration technology from Accutech Packaging, this automated bagging machine offers a modular and fully customizable packaging solution.
Capacity n.a.
Pass-Through n.a.
Bag Thickness 1.32 to 4 mm
Bag Sizes (W x L) 5.1-61.0 x L7.6-47.7 cm
Weighing Capacity n.a.
Machine weight 514 kg
Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 119 x 160 x (376 to 450) cm
Power supply 115 VAC; 60 Hz; 15 Amps
Air supply 6 CFM/80 psi