Automatic rotating arm wrapper

Rototech 3000 is rotating arm stretch wrapping machine for fully automatic wrapping with stretch film of products particularly unstable. The machine is equipped with the Film Clamp and Cut unit with spreader, in the CS version, and welder in the CW version that ensures the film tail is attached, cut, spread or welded and perfectly adhered to the pallet.
Film carriage type PGS, PVS (pre-stretch)
Film pre-stretch fixed 250% std. (PDS), variable 150-400% (PVS)
Film stretch adjustable from panel
Capacity up to 25 palets/hour
Max. product dimensions (LxW) 600 x 600 mm
Min. Product dimensions (LxW) 1750 x 1000 & 1650x1200 mm
Min. Product height 400 mm
Max. product height 2000 & 2400-2750 mm
Turntable diameter n.a.
Max load weight 1500 kg
Turntable speed n.a.
Carriage up/down speed 2,5 – 7,2 m/min
Electrical features 400V, 3Ph; 50/60 Hz, 4,4-5,5 kW
Arm rotation speed 7 – 15
Pneumatic features 6 bar, 300 Nl/min
·        Control panel features 
12 programmable +12 MLC multilevel recipes
Upward-downward cycle
Automatic top sheet cycle (opt.)
Arm rotation speed
Carriage up-down speed
Film tensioning
Film pre-stretch (with PVS carriage)
Top and bottom wraps
Reinforcement wraps
Offset from the ground
Cutting/welding time adjustment
Wraps with roping device and % of roping
·        Rust-proofing
·        Top plate with stroke 1200mm
·        Carriage for reel 750mm width
·        Roping system adjustable top/down or down/top
·        Pre-stretch gears (PGS) 150%, 200%, 250% or 300%  
·        Rconnect - Industry 4.0    3 years; 5 years
·        Signal exchange
·        Metal protection guards, muting systems and micro switch doors
·        Various pallet conveying systems