Rotating table automatic stretch wrapper

Rotoplat 3000 is an automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating table with low investment costs for higher production capacity. Machine rotating system consists of a slewing ring gear supported by ball bearing and transmission with pinion. The rotation speed in acceleration and declaration is controlled by an inverter.
Film carriage type PGSM, PGSA with Cube technology
Film pre-stretch fixed 150% - 208% - 245% (PGSM), variable 150-400% (PGSA)
Film stretch n.a.
Capacity up to 40 palets/hour (30 top sheet)
Max. product dimensions (LxW) 600 x 800 mm
Min. Product dimensions (LxW) 1000 x 1200 mm
Min. Product height 500 mm
Max. product height 2000 mm
Turntable diameter n.a.
Max load weight 2000 kg
Turntable speed 17 rpm
Carriage up/down speed n.a.
Electrical features 400V, 3Ph+PE; 50/60 Hz;
Machine rotation speed 50 – 80 
Pneumatic features 6 bar
·        Vertical pressure platen with mechanical or pneumatic drive
·        Top cover inside/outside for waterproof/dustproof wrapping cycle
·        Roping device from bottom, from top, from top and bottom
·        Spring clamp device (Robopac patent)
·        Spring clamp device with horizontal movement
·        Clamp-cut-sealer unit on the pressure platen
·        Welding unit with contrast
·        Table chain conveyor with 3,4 or 5 ways 
·        Reel width 750mm