Semiautomatic single block case former and sealer

Packing and taping station made up of a boxes forming station with pusher cylinder and a sealing section with top and bottom driven belts suitable for packaging of various box dimensions. The PS50-TB packing station provides boxes forming and sealing operations with adhesive tape through the simultaneous application of two adhesive tape stripes on the upper and lower boxes middle line.
Box lenght min/max n.a.
Box width min/max n.a.
Box height min/max n.a.
Drive belts Top and bottom driving belts 
Drive belts speed  n.a.
Max. output 10 bpm (average)
Adjustment on carton box  n.a.
Adjustment of working height Manual  by handles 
Taping unit K11R (50 mm) or K12R (75 mm) taping unit
Power supply 380/415V - 50Hz - 3P, 0,26kW
Air supply 5,5/7 bar, 14,2 NL/cycle