Automatski vertikalni stroj za vezivanje s presom

PR 90 može automatski izvršiti jedan ili dva ciklusa vezivanja, simultano ili uzastopno, a zahvaljujući uređaju za rotaciju može izvršiti i unakrsno vezivanje. Specijalni sistem vertikalnih vodilica s teleskopskim sistemom omogućava povećanje produktivnosti i smanjuje habanje pokretnih dijelova

Vrsta trake PET+PP

Širina trake 8 - 19 mm

Debljina trake 0.8 – 1.0 mm

Sila zatezanja do 300 kg

Kapacitet n.a.

Veličina luka 1510 – 1510 mm

PR 90 can carry out automatically one or two strapping operations simultaneously or consecutively and, thanks to a rotating device, it can carry out also crossed strappings.  A special system of vertical guides with telescopic system enables the strapping machine - at any height – to increase the productivity and reduce the wear of moving mechanical parts. 

The pressing force can be set up at different pressure values, thanks to an electronic control system. On the electrical control cabinet there is a touch- screen panel from which it is possible to manage all automatic and manual functions of the machine, such as monitoring the operation and setting the type of strapping band choosing between polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET). The machine is controlled by PLC.

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