Stroj za napuhivanje jastućića

New Air IB Flex je sustav za napuhavanje folije za zaštitu proizvoda sa mogunošću napuhavanja folija za ultra-lagane aplikacije za smanjenje troškova do folije za teške aplikacije za izuzetnu zaštitu od oštećenja. Sustav napuhava folije brzinom do 30 metara u minuti i kompatibilan je sa "Bubble Wrap IB" (BWIB) folijama.
Kapacitet 30 metara/minuta
Veličina (LxWxH) 27x18x15 cm
Težina 29 kg
Elektronika 220-240VAC, 2A

- Small machine that makes a big impact - Compact footprint of 5.5 square feet.

- Produces up to 90 feet per minute of on-demand inflatable packaging materials. Faster inflation makes lines more productive, labor more efficient and gets more products out the door on time.

- Maximum inflation reduces excess material use up to 50%.

- A patented combination of inflation technology and materials maximizes the inflation in every cell thus providing positive pressure. The system’s superior cushioning performance reduces the amount of material needed in each package to provide optimal damage protection.

- High performance components and coatings on the NewAir I.B. Flex® limit production delays and throughput loss. Materials are manufactured for long-life system reliability, extending part life two to five times.

- RoHS compliant.

- Offers operational efficiency, spaces savings, and freight cost reduction.

- Accessories are available for businesses of all sizes: Stand/Roll Winder, Instasheeter Converting System, and Jet Stream Overhead Delivery System.

- Damage Reduction: Maximizes the inflation of every cell in the bubble sheet, up to 90% air loss reduction, as compared to other competitive materials.

- Fulfillment Velocity: At speeds of 90 fpm, the customer will get more packaging out of a small commitment of floor space.

- Cube Optimization: With patented barrier material and inflation technology, maximizes inflation while reducing the number of sheets customer needs for proper packaging.