Manipulator sa zglobnom rukom

Pneumatski manipulator MAKSIPARTNER MX sa zglobnim rukama, opremljen specijalnim alatima za hvatanje, pogodan je za rukovanje teškim (max 900 kg)  teretom, u bilo kom smijeru, omogućavajući rukovaocu da radi sa minimalnim naporom u dobrim ergonomskim i sigurnosnim uvjetima.
Maksimalna težina tereta 900 kg
Maksimalni opseg rada 4500 mm
Maksimalna brzina vertikalnog dizanja 0,5 metara/sekundi
Vertikalno dizanje 2200 mm
Sistem upravljanja isključivo pneumatski
Napajanje filtrirani komprimirani zrak (40 µm), bez podmazivanja
Radni pritisak 0.7 ÷ 0.8 Mpa
Radna temperatura od +0° do +45° C
Razina buke <70 dB
Potrošnja od 100 Nl ÷ 400 Nl po radnom ciklusu
Rotacije – konstantna rotacija od 360 ° na stupu i osi alata
- 300 ° rotacija na srednjoj osi
Pneumatic Manipulator MAXIPARTNER MX with articulated arms, equipped with special gripping tools, is suitable to handle heavy (max 900 kg) and also off-set loads, in any direction, allowing the operator to work with the minimum effort in good ergonomic and safety conditions. Its slim and strong structure eliminates the “drifting” effect OPERATION A pneumatic cylinder fed with compressed-air, combined with a transmission lever system, provides balance to the load weight applied. The cylinder force is controlled through two pneumatic circuits purposely arranged: the first one always keeps the weight system balanced; the second one provides to always keep the weight load balanced. The operator can change the load level simply operating a pneumatic control lever. Anchorage systems: * Fixed base-plate * Portable base-plate for forklift truck transfer * Portable base-plate for pallet truck transfer * Portable base-plate for manual transport * Trolley mounted base-plate for floor tracks. * Floor built-in track. Anchor flange The pneumatic manipulator Partner PS fixed overhead version allows to eliminate any floor obstructions. The flange of the Manipulator is supplied with holes for the anchoring with screws to a strong plate to the ceiling or to a shelf. All movements are free and are obtained with minimum effort by the direct action of the operator on the gripping tooling or on the load. Anchor The Manipulator is supplied with an overhead trolley to run in a tracking system. Tracking system The tracking system is composed of two opposite aluminium U sections with connecting and stiffening ribs,complete with attachment points for an overhead suspension and end buffers. The junction between the various parts is done with screws. Attachment The attachment of the tracking system to the supporting structure is carried out by means of rods and suspension brackets • Using: For Reels, For Mechanics, For Panels, For Bags, For Boxes, For Bottles