Impulse sealing tongs

The hpl ISZ impulse sealing tongs seal any type of thermoplastic plastic film and aluminium laminate film. The sealing time can be easily adjusted on the “W.I.N.G” impulse power pack which can be set up separately. A 3 mm wide sealing seam and constant temperature distribution over both sealing bars ensure a fast and reliable sealing process.
Seal seam length: 200-300-450-630 mm
Seal seam width: 3 mm double sided
Sealing temperature: n.a.
Sealing time: Steplessly adjustable
Equipment weight: 1.6-1.7-1.8-2.0 kg
Equipment housing: n.a.
Film thickness max 2 x 0.5 mm
Thermoplastic films (LDPE, PP