Impulse sealer with magnetic interlock

The impulse sealers seal any type of thermoplastic plastic film (as well as compostable and biodegradable materials) and aluminium laminate film. The sealing and cooling time can be set separately. With the integrated cutting device, the film length can easily be adapted to the item being packaged. The sealers are available with bar widths of 300 and 500 mm.
Seal seam length: 300-500 mm
Seal seam width: 3 mm
Cut length: 300-500 mm
Throughput speed: n.a.
Sealing temperature: depending on seasling time
Sealing time: stepless
Dimensions W x D x H: hpl 300: 530 x 125 x 215 mm
Dimensions W x D x H: hpl 500: 730 x 125 x 215 mm
Equipment weight: 9-10 kg
Equipment housing: metal