HPL 3000 DC-V

High-tech band sealer

The band sealer is ideal for sealing thermoplastic polymer films and aluminium laminate films as well as sealing medical packaging in accordance with ISO 11607-1 (EN 868-4/5/9/10). The integrated transport system carries heavy packaging goods accurately through the machine. The process is validatable in accordance with the requirements of ISO 11607-2.
Seal seam length: Unlimited
Seal seam width: 9 mm
Throughput speed: 5 – 13 m/min adjustable
Sealing temperature: 80 – 220 °C
Sealing time: n.a.
Dimensions W x D x H: 830 x 250 x 240 mm
Equipment weight: 25 kg
Equipment housing: Stainless steel AISI 304 casing cover
Film thickness n.a.
Thermoplastic films (LDPE, PP