Rotating ring automatic stretch wrapper

Genesis Futura 40 is an automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring with patented system that generates the electricity for motorized pre-stretch unit during ring rotation. Additionally, motorized pre-stretch unit is powered by batteries when ring is not at run. This allows to operate machine without sliding electrical contacts that eliminates problem of wear and contacts flickers which allows machine to be used in dusty and humidity environment and have correct balance of the rotating masses
Film carriage type BSCSP
·        Vertical pressure platen with mechanical movement: pantograph system pneumatic or mechanical
·        Pallet lifter with pneumatic (<2000kg) or hydraulic drive (>2000kg)
·        Top cover inside/outside for waterproof/dustproof wrapping cycle
·        Roping device from bottom, from top, from top and bottom
·        VCA4 – corner applicator
·        ARC automatic reel-change without operator
·        NIP&TUCK clamp for film tail elimination without sealing
·        Clamp device with hot wire and contrast sealing 
·        Reel width 750mm