Rotating ring automatic stretch wrapper

Genesis Cube is an automatic stretch wrapping machine with rotating ring with patented system that generates the electricity for motorized pre-stretch unit during ring rotation. This allows to operate machine without sliding electrical contacts, guaranteeing safety, overall weight reduction and balance of the rotating masses. Additionally, pre-stretch carriage is fitted with patented external motorization device giving ability to define maximum force of the stretch to the product.
Film carriage type BPS
Film pre-stretch variable 150-400% pro-active tension
Film stretch n.a.
Capacity up to 135 palets/hour
Max. product dimensions (LxW) 500 x 600 mm
Min. Product dimensions (LxW) 1100 x 1300 mm  
Min. Product height 503 (1000 top sheet) mm
Max. product height 2000 mm
Turntable diameter n.a.
Max load weight 1500 kg
Turntable speed n.a.
Carriage up/down speed n.a.
Electrical features 380 – 400 – 415V, 50/60 Hz;
Pneumatic features 6±1 bar, 350 Nl/h 
·        Vertical pressure platen with mechanical movement: pantograph system pneumatic or mechanical
·        Pallet lifter with pneumatic (<2000kg) or hydraulic drive (>2000kg)
·        Top cover inside/outside for waterproof/dustproof wrapping cycle
·        Roping device from bottom, from top, from top and bottom
·        VCA4 – corner applicator
·        ARC automatic reel-change without operator
·        NIP&TUCK clamp for film tail elimination without sealing
·        Clamp device with hot wire and contrast sealing 
·        Reel width 750mm