Automatska manipulacija materijalima u logistici

Automatski sistem za odvajanje robje i manipulaciju pakiranja koji se sastoji od: (a) Gravitacijski konevejeri s transportnim valjcima i sistemom vizualne signalizacije odvajanja do 300 različitih proizvoda na 16 stanica, (b) Konvejeri za transport pakiranja od formiranja kutije preko odvajanja i ubacivanja proizvoda u njih do kontrole sadržaja kutije i njenog zatvaranja, označavanja i sortiranja za kurirske službe, (c ) Softverska rješenja WMS Logiware, WCS LogiCon and PLC LogiTrasp (CHIAPPAROLI)
"Materials handling systems consists of: 1. Material handling systems for pallets, metal boxes and bins These systems are used to automatically transport unit loads from one part of the factory to another or to connect the automated warehouse with goods-in, picking and shipping areas. The continuous transport systems include roller or chain conveyors, lift tables or turntables, forklifts and shuttles. The discontinuous transport systems include transfer carriages, LGVs or monorail systems. Special versions for cold rooms up to -28°, clean rooms or potentially explosive atmospheres are also available. 2. Fast picking solutions They are applied for “goods-to-man” systems. The main features of a fast picking system are: • high number of order lines performed per operator per hour • fast learning of operating modes by the operator • optimum ergonomics • excellent working height for the operator • productivity levels remain constant through time • lower error risk thanks to “put to light” lighting and video systems as well as optical picking detection systems. 3. Sorting systems for boxes End of line packaging system with automatic cartons closing device, weight/volume control, labelling, heat shrink wrapping: these systems make order fulfilment and completely automatic shipping; they speed up shipping process by drastically reducing manual activities and mistakes. • High performance box sorting systems (sorter): they improve logistics efficiency and lower operation costs. There are many different ways to sort out goods automatically and the choice will mainly depend on the type of product and outputs required "