Corrosion protection with VCI. How does it work?

Corrosion protection with VCI. How does it work?


VCI stands for Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor. VCI agents are compounds which possess both corrosion-protective properties and vapor pressure. These VCI agents evaporate out of their support material - as shown in the animation - until a protective atmosphere has been created within the packaging.

The inhibitors are then deposited on the metal surface and stop the metal's protective passive layer from dissolving and corroding the metal.


VCI comes in the forms of:

• Oils: Direct contact to metal surface, applied by dipping and spraying (BRANOfluid)

• Paper and plastic films: VCI molecules on the metal surface, with paper or plastic being the VCI carrier (BRANOrost & BRANOfol)

• Emitters: For use in switching cabinets and electronic components (dust-free and sterile), provides multi-metal protection (BRANOchips)


The annual damage caused by corrosion is estimated at around 3% of the gross domestic product by research institutes. In order to minimize this risk, TEOL (through our distribution agreement with BRANOpac) offers packaging solutions against corrosion for temporary or long-term storage based on VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor)

Due to various factors, companies repeatedly have to store products, components, machines and spare parts for a sometimes-uncertain period of time. In the event of improper protection and incorrect storage, this can lead to costly damage from rust / corrosion. This occurs when metals such as steel, iron, copper, aluminum or even zinc come into contact with moisture and dirt. The solution is corrosion protection products with VCI from BRANOpac.

Corrosion protection products such as VCI film BRANOfol in combination with the aluminum composite material BRANOvac or proven corrosion protection paper BRANOrost offer effective protection by adapting the packaging solutions to the duration, content and external influences of storage. So that after precise knowledge of the application, a protection period of over 10 years can be achieved. In general, the following statement applies to corrosion protection packaging: the tighter the outer packaging, the more durable the protective effect! Long-term packaging is required for sea transport, polar and tropical shipping or for machines, precision tools, spare parts, systems and electrical controls.
A brief opening of the VCI packaging is also possible, because the protective atmosphere created by VCI regenerates quickly. For this purpose, carrier materials with a depot effect like BRANOrost are added to the packaging. These materials continuously release VCI into the inside of the packaging until the active protective atmosphere is completely built up again.
A wide variety of conditions must be checked for safe interim storage of metal products. Our product range is divided into basic, premium and customized segments. Within the segments (especially in the customized segment), you can rely on extensive knowledge, which is made up in a state-of-the-art laboratory and a team of specialists. Together with you, we will develop the optimal packaging solution for you, simple, safe and efficient. We support you from the process analysis to the application.
You can also use the laboratory services from the BRANOscience business unit. For example, a transport simulation can be carried out for a sea transport in order to test the corresponding conditions for the packaging in advance. Further services are corrosion tests, infrared spectroscopy, surface analysis, washing bath analysis and many more.