Facility safety with 3M hazard marking tapes

Facility safety with 3M hazard marking tapes


Employee safety is critical, and COVID-19 is another aspect of it. When needed to mark off traffic lanes and hazard areas, you can use 3M Floor and Safety Marking Tapes to quickly and easily provide a visual cue that helps everyone remember to stay socially distanced. If you need to change a layout, these tapes can be removed quickly and cleanly. Every company should stay committed to employee safety and marking floors for social distancing is part of that commitment. Below some examples:


Use the right tape for the job. For heavy traffic areas, 971/Ultra durable floor marking tapes is recommended. These tapes are designed with a tough, thick PLA backing that resists pallet drag and high forklift traffic.

For general purpose usage, 764L (single color) and 767L (two colors) are recommended, since they are balancing performance and economy, providing good instant adhesion and colors that remain vivid even when exposed to abrasion or solvents.

With 3M marking tapes, you gain following benefits:

• Avoid wasting your time and money with paint

• Easy application saves time and labor cost

• Easy removal for changing layout fast

• Makes both straight and curved lines simple to mark

• No clean-up, spills, fumes, liquid chemicals


In addition to new requirement of “public distancing” 3M marking tapes have always been used to distinguish different areas inside a production facility. Below we relate the color and the example of use:

• Yellow: Aisles, walk-ways and traffic lanes, work cells

• Orange: Material or product inspection or temporary storage locations

• Red: Safety/first aid, defect/scrap area, red tag area

• Green: Materials and manufacturing finished goods

• Blue: Materials and manufacturing work in progress

• Black/Yellow: Areas of potential health risks, extra caution needs to be taken

• Black/White: Areas to stay out of for operational purposes