Shrink film from recycled waste

"Bi-Green Second Life" shrink film is extruded using raw material from recycling process (post-consumer can reach the 50%). It allows reduction in use of raw materials from fossil sources and reduction of CO2, while maintaining the technical and applicability characteristics of conventional products. It is directly usable by customers, without the need to make changes to the machinery. Bi-Green brand is a result of the efforts towards sustainability and circular economy by Plastotecnica Italy. Plastotecnica is an active member of CEFLEX, a collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies and associations representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging aimed at enhancing the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy. Ceflex’s goal is to increase the recycling rate of flexible plastic films through a more sustainable design of product packaging systems and the development of management circuits of post-consumer waste.
•Polyethylene film with 30%-50% post-consumer recycled content •Still maintaining performance and clarity •Allow the use of certifications and logos that shows company's green approach •Produced by Plastotecnica Italy