Papir za vezivanje s tiskom i bez tiska

Bandall oprema za vezivanje koristi foliju za vezivanje različitih kvaliteta. S tiskom ili bez tiska. Štoviše, svi materijali za vezivanje su u skladu sa najstrožim standardima kvaliteta, usljed čega je zagarantirano sigurno i pouzdano vezivanje. Papir za vezivanje bez tiska je FSC akreditiran. Ukoliko je potrebno, Bandall vezivanje je također pogodno za vezivanje zamrznutih proizvoda. 

Bandall banding equipment processes banding film of various qualities. Printed or plain. Furthermore, all banding materials comply with the strictest quality standards, as a result of which safe and reliable banding is guaranteed. Unprinted paper banding is always FSC-accredited. If required Bandall banding is also suitable for frozen products.
Benefits of printed band labeling:
• More space for your corporate logo, nutritional information, ingredients and country of origin details
• Professional exquisite print quality with various types of paper and print finishes
• Consistently accurate positioning of the band design onto to your product
• Simultaneous printing of a barcode, date or serial number is also possible
• Less packaging and less waste
• Applicable to high and low production volumes
• Special die cutting is also possible