Automatic wide bagging system with printer

This is an automatic filling and sealing machine designed for reliability, flexibility and optimizing packaging throughput (40 bags/minute), while lowering total cost of ownership. Next-bag-out printing is achieved with an advanced thermal transfer imprinter positioned directly over the next large bag to be loaded. This ensures accuracy and efficiency in applications that require frequent product and label changeovers, prevents product queuing and eliminates a separate labeling operation.
Capacity 40 bags/minute
Pass-Through max 15.24 cm
Bag Thickness 1.09  to 4.0 mm
Bag Sizes (W x L) 10.2-40.7 x L12.0-68.6 cm 
Weighing Capacity up to 2.27 kg
Machine weight 204 kg
Machine dimensions (WxDxH) 106 x (94 to 120) x 177 cm
Power supply 110V to 240V VAC, 50/60 Hz